Best of Twitter – Archives #15 (July 2013)

July 22nd – July 28th

End the week with some horrifyingly awesome schadenfreude by watching some of the world’s worst (or greatest depending on how you look at it) booze breakages!

It’s a little depressing how little of a wine’s cost actually reaches the winemaker/producer.

As Dr. Conti’s “excuses” reach new levels of absurdity (even for the legal profession), the HoseMaster takes aim…

Will Lyons profiles Michel Rolland – the world’s most influential “wine consultant” .

Continuing her visually pleasing and very helpful wine guides, Wine Folly preempts the heat & humidity with a handy temperature wine-serving guide.

Lettie Teague espouses the delightfully versatile Chenin Blanc.

July 15th – July 21st

As French winemakers get called out for cheating on thier wine samples, I await similar news from Israel where some of the same shenanigans occur…

The dicey etiquette of wine samples for bloggers further validates my own decision to reject them…

With typical piercing insight, W. Blake Gray goes after wines’ aging abilities.

Minerality is one of the most oft-used descriptors in tasting notes that most people don’t really know what it means

Michael Franz does Israel and as [at least I] would have expected – comes away pleasantly surprised.

July 8th – July 14th

For some, wine provides all the traveling you need, no passport necessary.

Most dangerous ways to open a bottle of wine [Video]. Simply awesome.

With the recent hullabaloo around wine judging, it was only a matter of time before the Hosemaster stepped in. Chris Kassel has some choice thoughts as well.

Lettie has some thoughts on Natural Wine that are sure to arouse passionate responses, with Alice Feiring leading the charge and Tom Wark not far behind.

Matt Kramer offers advice on discovering the most important yet sometimes elusive wine that you will like.

July 1st – July 7th

With all the mud being slung in the direction of wine writers/critics, its nice to see the other point of view.

Matt Kramer has some great advice to the wine newbie looking for “their type of wine“.

As a follow up to last week’s s***storm on wine judging, folks simply want to know if wine is bulls***?

Anyone looking for convincing on the need for truth in [wine] labeling – look no further. Yuck!

Focusing on consumerism and not romanticism, the first Cola flavored wine is launched.