Best of Twitter – Archives #4 (August 2012)

Period between August 13th – September 2nd

Congratulations to the well-deserving 2012 Wine Blog winners!

More on Randall Grahm’s risky [and successful] wine bet.

Eater‘s Talia Baiocchi muses on the trails and tribulations of wine blogging.

The always entertaining Wine Folly provides some fun wine and board game pairings.

Assuming a wine needs 100 points to be “perfect” illustrates one of the many things/what is wrong with scoring wine.

In Vino Veritas – Don Cornwall’s Bogus World of Wine.

Jefford gives us his version of all you wanted to know about oak.

As Penfolds makes its case for greatest Aussie wine (or at least most expensive), a nice discussion on what makes a wine “great”.

The Hosemaster, a favorite & easily the funniest wine blogger out there, gets his due from Jo Diaz.

With the debate raging on, the Daily Meal sums up the current positions in the Restaurant Wine List Debate.

Week of August 6th – August 12th

The NY Post’s Steve Cuozzo kicked off the latest wine-world debate with a rant about pretentious wine lists. Eric Asimov countered with a desire for interesting, illuminating and educational wine lists. After that it became a free for all with Jon Bonné, Lee Campbell (the wine director at Reynard restaurant singled out by Cuozzo) and others all weighing in with their 2 cents.

As a supplement to my recent newsletter on beating the heat, some more pitfalls of wine & the summer heat.

After serving its last meal months ago, elBulli auctions off its impressive wine cellar. Ferran Adrià will be missed and potential Buyers beware of foam or gelled wine!

Always a tremendous source of wine-related knowledge and information, Terroirist pens an excellant piece on avoiding the “wine rut”.

Corkage” – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly. Lettie gives a quick primer on bringing your own wine with you.

Jo Diaz solicits thoughts from some winemakers on whether wine is better paired with or as food. Personally I think it depends on the wine [and the food]!

Keith Levenberg advises to learn what you like and why, before you start buying the wine you like.

The witty and always irreverent Hosemaster takes aggrandizing Jay McInerney to task for his Petrus vertical. On a roll and with the wine blog awards coming, he pre-pens his award acceptance speech.

Week of July 30th – August 5th

Tom Barras looks for and finds complexity in wine.

In his weekly “Wine Talk” column, Adam Montefiore writes about wine glasses, their history and oenophilic importance. I recommend my article on the the importance of glassware as well.

Ross Szabo provides some great tips & shortcuts for learning to discern wine’s many aromas & flavors. It’s also worth checking out Gary Vaynerchuk‘s awesome video on training your palate and my “Learning to Taste” article as well.

Michael Franz give you ten tips for taking the stress out of wine.

The Girl with the Glass pens an insightful article about the importance of wine barrels.

With more wines being bottled under screwcaps, the debate about which is preferable rages on.

Despite the many gripes and controversies surrounding Robert Parker, the Wine Curmudgeon unequivocally thinks he should be elected to the Vinter’s Hall of fame. For what it’s worth, I completely agree.