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As many of you know, in addition to my weekly newsletter, the Leket Wine Club and articles for additional publications, I am also active on Twitter, where I provide wine recommendations, daily links to wine-related topics I find of particular interest and discuss other wine-related items on a more-or-less, regular basis under the “handle” @yossieuncorked (click on the link to “follow” me on Twitter).

August 5th – August 11th

In another piece of wickedly brilliant [and must read] writing, the Hosemaster takes his pen to Alice Feiring.

Putting pontificating wine snobs in their place, the Drinks Business lists the top ten most irritating wine terms.

With the Israeli wine at a crossroads, Adam Montefiore lays out the path to success.
Avoiding the typical populist ranting, the Wine Economist pens rare thoughtful piece criticizing the wine critic.

With a topic close to Israeli winemaker hearts, The Wine Economist talks about the difficulties of marketing exotic varietals (i.e. anything other than Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Chardonnay).

Facing a 7th straight year of red ink, the Post Office turns to booze as its savior, bringing the party poopers out in droves

As a less than-avid believer in food & wine pairings, I found this off-beat pairing guide entertaining.

July 29th – August 4th

I’m shocked, just plain shocked that Parker rejects the concept of “Parkerized wines”

Despite all the futuristic mobile hoopla, they don’t make wine commercials like they used too

Unable to restrain himself, Hosemaster takes on free-loading wine bloggers and thier begging [for samples] ways.

Commonly used and never understood – minerality causes tasting note consternation. W. Blake Gray targets “gunflint“.


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