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Psagot Winery

#273 – June 27, 2014 Despite my best intentions and with over 75 kosher wineries in Israel alone, a significant amount of time may go by before I provide an updated newsletter on many well-deserving wineries (which is one of the reasons for my more frequent “quickies”).  Psagot is one of those wineries whose wines […]

Jezreel Valley

When I first started writing my newsletter over eight years ago, the opening of a new winery was a special and relatively rare event that usually generated much excitement (at least among the geeky wine-loving community), even if the wines themselves were often disappointing and didn’t live up to the hype or expectations.  These day […]

Recanati Winery

#254 – August 9, 2013 (Latest Visit Report) As promised a few weeks ago in my “Wine Country” newsletter, this week’s newsletter is all about Recanati Winery, who has not received primo attention in nearly three years (despite occupying a substantial amount of my drinking and tasting during that time).  Established in 2000 and located […]

Lueria Winery

#248 – May 29, 2013 For many years the patriarch of the Sayada family – Yosef, tended his family-owned vineyards in the Upper Galilee (located on the foothills of Mount Meron) and sold the resulting high-quality fruit to multiple high-end and prestigious wineries around the country who then utilized the grapes for some of their […]

Flam Winery

#245 – April 17, 2013 After some delightful time off with my family for Pesach, with this week’s newsletter, we get back into the swing of things with a discussion of one of Israel’s most prestigious wineries – the Flam Winery.  Together with Saslove and Tulip, Flam was part of the trifecta of near-mythical Israeli […]

Domaine Netofa Winery

#238 – January 13, 2013 Founded by three residents of the picturesque village of Mitzpe Netofa in Israel’s Lower Galilee, Domaine Netofa’s first vintage was the 2009 vintage, with the vineyards having been planted on the lower slopes of Mount Tavor in 2006.  I first wrote about the wines in early 2010 and have been […]