Recommended Retailers

In response to regular requests by subscribers for some wine retailers I trust and recommend, I have decided to list a number of such retailers here.

Consistent with my general policy about remuneration, I don’t receive any monetary compensation for listing these retailers, nor any compensation if you purchase wines from them (these are not “affiliate” links) and offer these on my site only to help you with your wine buying.

Each of these retailers are known to me personally and stand out by virtue of having a broad selection of kosher wines, good and fair pricing, great customer service or a broad base of knowledge about the grand world of kosher wines (most listed retailers have more than one or all of these attributes).

Each of the listed retailers is also generously offering special discounts to subscribers of Yossie’s Wine Recommendations. While some of these discounts are regular and static discounts, some are expected to change on a more-or-less regular basis so it’s worth checking back often. Each of the discounts is listed below, together with pertinent information on each retailer.

Additional retailers, including from Israel and other countries will be added shortly, so check back often!


Gotham Wine & Liquors

Address, Store Hours and Contact Info here.

Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Gotham is expertly run by Costas Mouzouras and consistently has some of the best prices in town! Costas has a wealth of knowledge about kosher wines (and wines in general), and can always be counted on to help you find the right bottle and honestly express his expert opinion. Costas also maintains a personal blog where he documents his wine-related experiences which can be viewed here.

Gotham also sponsors an annual kosher wine tasting event around Purim time which Costas manages and which is always one of the best of the year, with an opportunity to taste from a huge swath of available kosher wines, from a broad spectrum of wineries, importers and distributors.

During the month of May Gotham is offering subscribers of Yossie’s Wine Recommendations 15% off any wines recommended by Yossie during the month. This week’s newsletter in on Tzora and the discount covers the various Tzora wine they are carrying. All wines eligible for the discount are listed on Gotham’s site here (which will be updated with the wines from each weekly newsletter distributed in May). Use coupon-code YHCRG212 online and print out this page to use for in-store purchases. This coupon will expire on May 31st, 2012.

Skyview Wine & Spirits

Address, Store Hours and Contact Info here.

Located in Riverdale, Skyview has one of the largest selections of kosher wines in the United States, conveniently shipping around the world and they will match the advertised price for any wine. With a knowledgeable staffed, headlined by owner Gary Wartels, if its kosher and available, you will find it here. Skyview has also partnered with Leket Israel and manages the Leket Israel Wine Club, for which I select the recommended wines.

Skyview is offering subscribers to Yossie’s Wine Recommendations 20% off all non-sale item when ordering six or more bottles (you can mix and match to make a six bottle order). Use coupon code Yossie2012 online or mention the coupon code and/or Yossie’s Wine Recommendations when shopping at the store.

While is the online home of bricks and mortar retailer Hungarian Kosher Supermarket, it is best known as the internet’s go-to place for kosher wines. With a huge selection of wines, an easy-to-navigate website and search bar and reviews from different folks (including myself) it is well worth a look next time you are ordering online. As with most retailers these days, they will match any published price. is offering readers of Yossie’s Wine Recommendations a 5% discount off all purchases through December 31, 2012. Use coupon code 76553D2 when checking out to apply the discount.

The Grapevine Wines

Address, Store Hours and Contact Info here.

Located in Monsey and staffed by the delightful Yehoshua Werth, at Grapevine Wines you will find most available kosher offerings and a friendly and knowledgeable staff eager for you to leave with exactly what you were looking for (a new and updated site is expected to go live by mid-February). Yehoshua also posts regular wine review videos on You Tube which can be accessed here.

The Grapevine Wines is offering subscribers to Yossie’s Wine Recommendations 12% of any purchase of non-sale items through December 31, 2012. To obtain this discount, use coupon code Yossie1212 online or simply mention the coupon code “12 in 2012” and Yossie’s Wine Recommendations.


Store Hours and Contact Info

Located in the Nachlat Shiva neighborhood of Jerusalem (with another store in the Machane Yehuda shuk and one in Mevaseret Tzion staffed by its namesake owner – Avi Ben), I have been purchasing wines from Avi-Ben for over 20 years and they had a part in getting me into wine many years ago. Manned by a friendly and very knowledgeable staff, the store carries a huge selection of kosher (and non-kosher) wines, beers and spirits, including many Israeli wines that aren’t always available elsewhere which they are more than happy to ship anywhere in the world (I have been ordering “Israel-only” wines from them to NYC for years). They also have a nicely curated selection of cheese and olive oils. Check out their weekly wine and cheese tasting on Friday which are always fun and a good way to discover new wines (and cheeses).

Since its inception in 2003, Avi Ben has also been running the über-successful Jerusalem wine fair held every spring at the Israel Museum which provides folks an opportunity to taste the best wines Israel has to offer in a cultured and relaxed setting among thousands of years of Jewish History – a highly recommended event.

For the month of May, Avi Ben is offering subscribers to Yossie’s Wine Recommendations a 5+1/10+2 discount. For every five bottles purchased, the sixth bottle is free, and for every 10 bottles purchased, you get 2 bottles free (in each case, the lowest-priced bottles will be the free ones). To obtain this discount, simply mention me (Yossie Horwitz) and Yossie’s Wine Recommendations.


Disclaimer: The retailers and discounts on this page are the sole responsibility of the applicable retailer and are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the retailer.