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Welcome to Yossie’s Corkboard – the home of Yossie’s Wine Recommendations; a weekly newsletter on Israeli and kosher wines, wineries and other wine-related tidbits, written by Yossie Horwitz.

Every week I distribute an email newsletter to thousands of subscribers from around the world. The weekly topics vary, and include write-ups about different wineries, wine varietals, new and exciting developments in the wine world, and tips on varied wine-related topics including “How to Order Wine in Restaurants”, “Choosing the Right Wine Glass” and the “How to Taste Wine”.

Check out my list of the Best Wines of 2016 or annual Pesach Kosher Wine Buying Guide with 170 recommendations of the best kosher wines in many price ranges, including under $18. Also check out my complete up-to-date map & contact info for more than 80 kosher Israeli wineries.

While I write about kosher wines and wineries from around the world, my true love are Israeli wineries, a passion born from the more than 20 years I lived in Israel. As I am not a professional critic, I currently only write about and review wines I enjoy (if I taste a wine I don’t like, I simply don’t write about it).

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