Welcome to Yossie’s Corkboard, home of a weekly newsletter on kosher wine written by Yossie Horwitz.

Yossie has been tasting, drinking and learning about wine for over 20 years and has been writing a weekly newsletter – Yossie’s Wine Recommendations – on kosher wines, wineries and other wine-related topics for eight years. You can follow Yossie on Twitter @yossieuncorked for daily wine recommendations and tips as well as other oenophilic tidbits.

Growing up in Israel, Yossie was first introduced to quality kosher wine as a teenager by a family friend, who brought a French Bordeaux to his family’s Seder. It was love at first sip and Yossie spent many years tasting, learning and exploring his new hobby. After moving to New York from Israel ten years ago, Yossie began receiving many requests from friends and family for wine recommendations and eight years ago decided to launch Yossie’s Wine Recommendations. After starting out as a friends and family based email distribution list, Yossie’s Wine Recommendations is currently distributed weekly via email to thousands of subscribers around the world. Yossie and his newsletter have been mentioned in the Jerusalem Post, the New York Times, the Jewish Week and the Canadian Jewish News.

Yossie lives in Manhattan with his wife and four young children where he practices corporate law at a major international firm.

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