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A Very Good Year (Best of 2016)

Following last week’s newsletter summarizing the trends and occurrences in the kosher wine world, this week includes my annual list of the “Best Wines of 2016” and the “Most Exciting / Interesting Wines of 2016” (many of which give more pleasure than some of their “near-perfect” brethren who are included in the former, more prestigious, […]

And What a Year it Was

While there has and continues to be many underlying trends that shape the kosher wine industry, the primary one continues to be the explosive increase in kosher wine drinking consumers, which will continue unabated throughout growth of ever-expanding growth in the kosher wine consumer base which continued unabated throughout 2016 but, as I expect it […]

Domaine Roses Camille

#327 – March 9, 2017 This week I wanted to discuss a winery whose wines have graced my annual “Best of” lists for quite some time but never received its own real estate on these pages. However I recently finally had the opportunity to visit the winery in question, spend some time with its über-talented […]

Wine and Food Pairing

#320 – September 22, 2016 (“Mix and Match”) One of the most frequently-asked questions I receive is with respect to finding the “right” wine(s) to go with any number of specific dishes and/or holiday meals.  As any frequent reader of this newsletter knows, my general belief is that wine is a beverage that can and […]

The Many Wines of Yaacov Oryah

This week’s newsletter discusses Yaacov Oryah, a winemaker of incredible depth and talent who, after years of personal and professional trials and tribulations, is currently making wine at three different wineries. While I didn’t actually meet Yaacov in person until January 2014 during the Sommelier Expo in Tel Aviv, I first encountered Yaacov’s wines in […]

The [Serious] Pleasures of Pink

Albeit a little later in Rosé’s “traditional” drinking season than usual (last year’s version was released prior to Shavuot), there are more than six weeks of summertime drinking left to enjoy one of the most glorious of all wine genres – Rosé (although as Eric Asimov and I have written, like Champagne, Rosé should be […]

A Foreign Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Touriga Nacional)

After a little break to recuperate from the copious amounts of eggs, bread of affliction and wine consumed and imbibed over the glorious Pesach holiday we are back to discuss a special grape that plays a primary role in some of the world’s greatest dessert wines while moonlighting as a single varietal dry wine – […]

30 Days Prior (2016 Pesach Buying Guide)

Public Service Announcement: You can skip the verbiage and scroll straight down to the bottom of this newsletter for the actual list (which this year includes all my recommendations in this week’s edition, instead of being split over two weeks), but I suggest reading through since the material below contains a number of tips that […]

A Viable Crystal Ball (2016 Preview)

This week’s Crystal Ball newsletter is my attempt to provide some insights into some of the major trends I expect the kosher wine world to undergo over the course of calendar year 2016.  While many of the changes described below has been occurring at a somewhat glacial pace for a while now (and “predicted” in […]