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2023 Pesach Wine Buying Guide

Reviewing my Pesach newsletters from the past two years had quite an impact on me.  As we have moved past the Covid pandemic, it can be easy to forget the havoc it wreaked across the world for so long, along with its many victims – something which this chag should really teach us not to […]

2022 Pesach Wine Buying Guide

Once again Pesach is upon us, but what a difference a year makes!  While Covid continues to wreak havoc across the globe, its impact on our day-to-day lives continues to thankfully diminish and many folks are looking forward to the Pesachs of yesteryear, with large gatherings of family and friends, along with travel to different […]


As I work my way through the last two hundred wines I need to taste for my annual Pesach Wine Buying Guide (which I hope to release early next week), I finally got around to tasting three Chablis wines from Dampt Feres (samples provided by importer Bradley Alan) and decided the region and wine genre deserved some […]

2021 Pesach Wine Buying Guide

Looking at my opening statement from last year’s guide, I am reminded how truly awful things looked at that point, while also being encouraged by the good I was able to discern even then; feelings that helped uplift my spirits through the entire chag.  Also helping was something the memories of which were recently triggered as […]

Creme de la Creme (Best Wines of 2020)

A little off schedule (like so many other things this past year), this week’s newsletter represents the traditional year-end newsletter for Yossie’s Corkboard, namely the best wines of 2020 (my annual “Pesach Wine Buying Guide” and “State of the Kosher Wine World” newsletters will follow in a week or two as well). Representing the end […]

Marciano Estate

Visit November 14, 2017 Located in the heart of Napa Valley (in St. Helena), the foundation of the winery dates back to 1862 when the vineyards were planted. Throughout the property’s history, the quality of the vineyards was always recognized, with grapes being sold to many prestigious wineries. Acquired in 2006 by Maurice Marciano (co-founder […]

One Grape to Rule them all (Riesling)

#363 – October 26, 2018 Over the last 30 years I have been into wine (the last 12 of which I have been penning this newsletter), the world of kosher wine has undergone seismic changes with many trends coming and going, the most prominent of which has been the explosive growth in those drinking and […]

The Real (Sweet) Deal

Happy Purim to all! Over the 15 years of writing this newsletter, my primary objective (beyond getting folks to drink more wine) has been to encourage people to step outside their comfort zone and try new wines and expand their oenophilic horizons to better appreciate the majestic world of wine, for which the kosher consumer’s […]

Bordeaux & Champagne Trip

Big red wines that require many years of aging may seem seasonally incongruous, but after three newsletters covering summer basics like white wine, rosé and grilled food wine pairing I thought it might be a good idea to follow Bruce Willis’ creed of “always being prepared.”  So in order to ensure we are all properly […]

Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Despite being in the throes of winter, I find nothing cheers me up more than a crisp glass of bubbly and, with all that is going on in the world around us, I doubt anyone is going to find good cheer and celebratory vibes unwelcome which is the genesis being this week’s topic of sparkling […]