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Making it Easy (Thanksgiving Wines)

#350 – November 22, 2017 As a wine writer and full-fledged oenophile, the chagim and seasonal weather changes are harbingers not only of wardrobe changes and an onslaught of meat-heavy grocery shopping but also curated wine and drinking adjustments.  With good wine playing a primary role in the positive vibe of any social gathering or […]

Shiloh Winery

#349 – November 5, 2017 It has been more than five years ago since Shiloh Winery was profiled on this newsletter and things have certainly changed since 2012 when it was still a relative newcomer to the scene.  As can be seen in my interview of the principal owner in 2014, much has changed over […]

Vitkin Winery

  #347 – October, 11, 2017 Over the years of writing this newsletter there have been a few instances where my use of a certain word, turn of phrase or even one of my protologisms or neologisms have come back to haunt me. Attaching the adjective gregarious to Asaf Paz in my Binyamina newsletter back […]

Covenant Winery

May 4, 2017 As you know, Covenant’s wines have been continuously showcased on these pages for nearly ten years; however, the last time a full blown newsletter was dedicated to this magnificent winery was in 2011!  Back then, the winery only produced four wines, three under the Covenant label (the eponymous Cabernet Sauvignon along with […]

Fruit of the Vine (Fruit-Based Wines)

March 10, 2017 (Purim Satire) While I don’t subscribe to the near-hysterics expressed by individuals of certain political leanings with respect to the perceived exclusionary policies threatening our very lives, liberty and happiness; I do believe that this newsletter’s focus on specific types of wine could be perceived by some as exclusionary.  As that would […]

When Patience Really is a Virtue (Aging Wine)

The coming Chagim present a perfect opportunity to dig deep into our cellars and bring out some of those Moshiach Wines. While RCC has (and continues to) provide its hundreds of participants around the globe with monthly “excuses” to open and share some of our better wines, the Jewish Holiday “season” of Rosh Hashana, Succot […]

Rosé Colored Glasses

#333 – June 22, 2017 With the mercury continuing to climb and New York succumbing to ever-increasing levels of wilting humidity, the search for relief is on.  As any self-respecting oenophile knows, wine is the best way to combat summer’s discomfort with rosé the poster-child for such vinous relief.  While Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio […]

Historical Connections (Personal Israeli Wine Milestones)

#331 – May 1, 2017 As you know, today we transition from Yom HaZikaron to Yom HaAtzmaut – Israel’s 69 Independence Day – so Happy Birthday of Israel! A little related tidbit I picked up this weekend is that due to Israel’s desire to avoid the desecration of Shabbat in connection with any national events, […]

Holiday Prep (2017 Annual Pesach Wine Buying Guide)

Public Service Announcement: You can skip the verbiage and scroll straight down to the bottom of this newsletter for the actual list (which this year includes all my recommendations in this week’s edition, instead of being split over two weeks), but I suggest reading through since the material below contains a number of tips that […]

A Very Good Year (Best of 2016)

Following last week’s newsletter summarizing the trends and occurrences in the kosher wine world, this week includes my annual list of the “Best Wines of 2016” and the “Most Exciting / Interesting Wines of 2016” (many of which give more pleasure than some of their “near-perfect” brethren who are included in the former, more prestigious, […]