Best of Twitter – Archives #7 (November 2012)

Week of November 26th – December 2nd

Just in time for the holiday drinking season, CBS presents seven different ways to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. Back in my army days, we banged the bottom of the bottle against the wall cushioned by a towel, which usually worked…

With all the recent vitriol on tasting notes, @drvino has another view on the relevance and importance of the much maligned tasting note.

In honor of Thanksgiving, the always informative and well-written Academic Wino treats us to a brief history of wine in America.

With Biodynamic and Natural Wine having the ability to drive some folks stark raving mad, it’s nice to read an even-keeled piece on the subject from time to time.

With the Mayan End of the World just around the corner, here are some rat, possum and other post-Apocalypse wine pairings just in case… In the event we are all still here on December 22, here are some great pairings with comfort food.

With the rich getting richer, James Suckling and Lalique combine for what must be the most pretentious wine glass ever.

With the diverse range of foods weighing down the traditional Thanksgiving Table, Lettie Teague shows how simple wine pairing can/should be.

Week of November 19th – November 25th

Will Lyons has some nice suggestions for gadget gifts for the discerning oenophile.

New Flash – apparently wine is still snobby. Here’s why.

Despite your wine geekiness, the wine selections at your party are about what the guests want – not you!

Matt Kramer has five questions you should ask every wine you encounter.

With the wine-by-the-glass phenomenon spreading rapidly, Talia Baiocchi rages against the machine.

Week of November 12th – November 18th

Wine Folly has a terrific Beginner’s Guide to Wine.

Adam Montefiore explores the benefits of decanting.

Andrew Jefford proclaims the wine writer is dead. Smart man, great writer, stupid comment.

An ode to Cabernet Sauvignon from @WineFolly. My own thoughts on the once king of the grapes.

Steve Heimoff discusses the Essence of Wine Snobbery. James Suckling – here’s looking at you.

Placing another feather in its already well-endowed cap, Israel’s Golan Heights Winery wins a Wine Enthusiast 2012 Star as New World Winery of the year. Congratulations!

Despite plenty of snide comments regarding George Riedel’s marketing genius and Chris Kassel’s take on the mattershape of your wine glass certainly matters. Oh yes it does!

When thinking about pairing wine and food, it’s the food that should take the lead. More food & wine pairing tips here. According to the Wine Spectator, it’s all about texture.

We can all rest easy now that scientists are hard at work solving the world’s biggest problems – preventing wine induced headaches.

Week of November 5th – November 11th