Best of Twitter – Archives #12 (April 2013)

April 22nd – May 5th

Tom Wark defends the importance of wine writing.

Wine Spectator explores whether “sulfite-free” wine actually exists.

In her clear and refreshing style, Wine Folly presents a primer on making how white wine is made.

With more & more quality popular-priced wines, should we continue to be “forgiving” of their flaws?

Tim Hanni has some pretty strong views on food & wine pairings. My own thoughts on the surprisingly touchy topic.

Tasting wine blind has its negative aspects and detractors.

Chris Kassel has some choice words for the critics of wine critics.

While “Milk & Cookies” might have been the bomb growing up, it’s time to graduate to Wine & Cookie pairings!

April 15th – April 21st

With summer salads on the horizon, Will Lyons’ salad and wine pairing suggestions come just in time!

Wine hangovers got you down? Wine Folly has you covered!

In light of Malbec’s burgeoning popularity, @drvino has a quick history of Malbec.

Despite wine writer’s best intentions, drinking windows (like scores) aren’t an exact science. Steve Heimoff explains.

Ask three wine writers what they mean by “minerality” and you will get at least four answers. PinotFile attempts to set the record straight.

With all the recent Celebrity Wine ruckus, a blind tasting was conducted with interesting results.

Apparently people are baffled by wine writing

April 8th – April 14th

Tannins are one of the most important parts of wine. Wine Folly explains what all the hoopla is about.

Israel’s Golan Heights Winery celebrates 30 years of winemaking innovation and excellence.

Jamie Goode tackles the mysteries of soil & wine (Part I). The rest of the series: Part II, Part III, Part IV & Part V.

In this week’s edition, Wine Folly covers winemaking’s Holy Grail – the ethereal Pinot Noir.

Lifehacker takes on wine and challenges the ability to taste good wine from bad.

Keith Levenberg takes on the [ridiculous] tasting note.

With all the recent bashing of wine writing, Tim Atkin rises to the defense of real wine journalism.

April 1st – April 7th

Tom Wark discussed Brett’s new lease on life.

Think you know Bordeaux? Wine Spectator has a quiz for you.

Despite being UK-based and exhibiting her massive wine prowess, Jancis Robinson discusses American wine.