Best of Twitter – Archives #13 (May 2013)

May 27th – June 2nd

Wine Folly covers the world’s six oldest wineries and Wine Spectator shows us how far back you need to go to discover the origin of winemaking. Carmel’s 120 harvests are nowhere to be seen…

Apparently Bordeaux winemakers have been pulling wool over en primeur buyers for years. The wine press is strangely ambivalent.

The Wine Curmudgeon has some choice words for Robert Parker. Alice Feiring would be proud. Table To Grave chimes in with some hilarious Parker-bashing of his own.

W. Blake Gray has some great tips on getting the most out of your sommelier.

May 20th – May 26th

Apparently the 1855 Classification is the antithesis of French Hypocrisy.

The Drinks Business discovers the benefits of oaking Champagne.

After years of mocking the Chinese mixing wine and Cola, apparently they were onto something

Justifiably nominated for multiple blogger awards, HoseMaster takes ’em all to task resulting in his usual hilarity.

Dealing a severe blow to romantic-loving winos everywhere, the Huffington Post clarifies that winery’s are simply farms.

Dr. Vinny clarifies the meaning behind “produced/bottled by”.

May 13th – May 19th

Not surprisingly, Parker [vehemently] disagrees with the concept of “Parkerisation”.

Fascinating article about the “good old days” when terroir was a dirty word.

Continuing her great “wine guide” series, @WineFolly delves into Chardonnay.

Tim Atkins pens an obituary for the wine snob parasite.

An Ode to Maderia from Jameson Fink.

12×75 takes on the [outright lies] fanciful descriptors wineries include on the back labels.

With the onset of warmer weather and Shavuot on the horizon, Adam M. pushes white wines and some great cheese pairings.

May 6th – May 12th

With the acidic dressing and green veggies making pairing notoriously difficult, Meg Maker has a few wine & salad pairing suggestions.

With less than 200 certified world-wide, becoming a Master Sommelier is v-e-r-y difficult.

While the coloration to global warming remains debatable, wine is getting “boozier”.

CNN has the scoop on how Cathy Pacific selects thier wines.

Lettie Teague sheds some light on what winemaking consultants really do.

Jamie Goode visits Israel where Na’ama Sorkin squires him around and introduces him to many interesting Israeli wines.