Best of Twitter – Archives #14 (June 2013)

June 24th – June 30th

Want to be a wine-writer but have no skills, palate or other qualifications? We’ve got you covered.

…and then there are those who think the whole Terroir thing is bunk. Tom Wark has his own thoughts on the matter.

With the new movie SOMM on the horizon, even Esquire learns something.

After years of existence as a Bordeaux-blending varietal, Petit Verdot starts to gain recognition as a varietal. Yatir, Ramot Naftaly, Brobdingnagian and others would agree!

Robert Parker goes [even more] corporate and the Hosemaster has a field day.

Responding to a critique of wine judging that kicked up quite a storm, the Guardian has some follow-up comments to the credibility of critics.

June 17th – June 23rd

Like “reserve“, “authentic” gets bandied about quite a bit in the wine industry. @SteveHeimoff explains what the word REALLY means [to him].

Robert Parker goes further [and even further] corporate.

Israeli (and other) wineries love to talk about and prominently display their medals. Blake Gray reinforces the total BS of it all.

Chateau d’Yquem gets robbed and @drvino details the top 12 wine heists of all times.

In an incredibly misguided attempt to fix a terrible problem, France tries to clamp down on social media and wine. Vinography agrees about the stupidity of this action.

Tom Barras thinks wine is served at the wrong temperature. Yossie’s Corkboard heartily concurs!

12×75 has some tips on what NOT to do to your treasured bottles of wine.

With his typical soupçon of practicality, Matt Kramer call some oblivious wine lovers to task. Tim Atkin goes one further and blows the whistle on some industry secrets.

With Merlot being the “forgotten step-child” of the Golan Heights Winery‘s Yarden series, it’s nice to see it get some recognition!

As wine blogging continues to take on more importance, the 2013 State of Wine Blogging Report does as well.

June 3rd – June 16th

As I have said for years, investing in wine is a fool’s game.

Some quick tips for navigating a restaurant’s wine list. My own kosher-specific suggestions.

The French love affair with wine is over 2,500 years old.

Calling wine snobs to task, Bloomberg plugs the stickies and I heartily concur!

As semi-sweet red wine takes off, @winefolly covers last year’s fad – Moscato.

Taking a page from Alice Feiring‘s playbook, Eric Asimov takes wine ingredients to task.