Best of Twitter – Archives #5 (September 2012)

Week of September 24th – September 30th

The cork v. synthetic debate brings science to the table & Steve Heimoff weighs in on the allure of screwtops.

After a few years of hobbyist wine, Napa Valley’s Rabbi Elchonon Tenenbaum of Chabad, teams up with the Covenant winemaking team to commercially produce Cuvee Chabad. I tasted it a few months ago and it was delicious – order here!

With Robert Parker finally inducted into Culinary Institute of America’s Vinter’s Hall of Fame, the Wine Curmudgeon sounds off on the delay & the Hosemaster ghostwrites his acceptance speech.

Week of September 17th – September 23rd

Over at Fermentation, Tom Wark had some quick & easy tips for surviving ordering wine off a restaurant’s wine list. The Globe & Mail had a few tips on rejecting wine as well.

Wine in coach tastes terrible because it IS terrible. CNN explores the science behind Business & First Class wine in tasting different. Chris Kassel give us his [interesting] 2 cents.

The science behind the bubbles in the world’s best drink – the majestic Champagne.

Wine Spectator’s Matt Kramer gives sound advice on how to buy wine. Once you do, here are some suggestions on how to best enjoy the wine.

The Chicago Tribune had a nice little piece on Robert Mondavi & his contribution to getting Americans to drink [wine].

After Jamie Goode declared that “Blogging is Dead“, 1WineDude took up the mantle and painstakingly showed us exactly why wine blogging is still going strong.

Week of September 10th – September 16th

Mocking self-important wine writers/critics everywhere, the highly recommended & always funny Hosemaster describes how he tastes wines.

Wine expert Anthony Giglio asks whether blind tasting is only for bores and beats down a mostly useless ritual.

While not a common situation in my house, the Vineal Vixen has some great suggestions for leftover wine.

Despite all the alternative closure hoopla, real cork is enjoying a Renaissance of sorts.

On his Fermentation blog, Tom Wark reviews/lavishes praise on
Oz Clarke’s Pocket Wine Book

The Wine Curmudgeon nicely profiles Riesling, but claims it doesn’t get respect.‘s Wine Editor, Talia Baiocchi, takes a look at corkage across America.

Week of September 3rd – September 9th

Cutting through the marketing BS, Tim Atkin translates 25 common Wine euphemisms.

Echoing millions of newbie wine drinkers world-wide, Wine Spectator’s Harvey Steiman wonders if tasting notes are too pretentious.

Alice Feiring summarizes what Natural wine is all about.

Some important wine terminology explained by Tim McNally.

Jon Bonné discusses how alcohol levels affect a taster’s palate.

Focusing on the cheaper end of the Israeli market, Adam Montefiore showcases the $12 and under nice Israel wines.

With the fall reading season upon us, 1WineDude & Tom Wark’s Fermentaion provide some excellant wine book recommendations.

The must-read Terroirist David White writes a succinct piece explaining restaurant wine service.

[Relative] newcomer Wine Folly demystifies many of the more common potential wine additives.

Cutting to the chase (as usual), 1WineDude discusses the potential implications for the recent trend towards lower alcohol wines.

As wine technology continues to improve, “balance’ becomes an area of supreme focus for winemakers. The Wine Enthusiast’s Joe Czerwinski explores whether this is a good thing?

In a fascinating 2-part interview, W. Blake Gray digs deep with the NY Time’s Eric Asimov (Part I and Part II).