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Ring around the Rosé

#219 – June 26, 2012 The birth last week of our beautiful daughter Ariella Naomi seemed like a perfect excuse for my annual newsletter on the delights of the most refreshing and summery of wines – the goddess of goodness – Rosé.  Rosé is a tremendously underappreciated wine that goes well with an incredible array […]

Sauvignon Blanc

#177 – June 24, 2011 As the erratic weather New York has been experiencing seems to be coming to an end, with classic summer days and nights making a welcome appearance, the time has clearly come for delightfully cold, crisp and refreshing wines to make their annual début.  While I tend to enjoy most wines […]

The Elusive Chameleon (Zinfandel)

#175 – June 2, 2011 As my United States-based subscribers just celebrated the semi-official launch of summer this past Memorial Day, the cooperative warm weather with which we have been blessed ensured that grills up and down America were dusted off for some serious carnivorous activity. For general suggestions on good wine pairings with all […]

Sauvignon Blanc (Older Newsletter)

#104 – September 3, 2009 You know when something’s time has obviously passed but one nonetheless tries to cling to it for dear life so as not to let it go? Think aging men with (badly) dyed hair or comb overs or the aging mom who dresses (and parties) like she is 22. Notwithstanding the […]

You Say Syrah; I Say Shiraz

#109 – November 27, 2009 As indicated by this week’s title, I wanted to discuss the Syrah grape which some people do not realize is the same as the shiraz grape. These are not variations of the same grape – they are exactly the same grape. As you will see today, the utilization of the […]

Prince Charming (Cabernet Franc)

#129 – June 4, 2010 Given my sometimes exuberant enthusiasm for the varietal, I am sure that you have all realized by now that the topic of this week’s newsletter – Cabernet Franc – is one of my favorite grapes and produces wines that I enjoy tremendously. While DNA testing in 1997 indicated that Cabernet […]

Sparkling Delights (Sparkling Wines)

#146 – October 21, 2010 With all the recent newsletter mentions of Champagne over in various contexts, I got to thinking that I hadn’t done a full-blown Champagne piece in a few years and that the time had come. That, together with an email suggestion from SG, led to the topic of this week’s newsletter […]