Best of Twitter – Archives #6 (October 2012)

Week of October 29th – November 4th

Week of October 22nd – October 28th

Week of October 15th – October 21st

Kris Chislett sets out [and succeeds] is providing a primer on Organic Wine.

Meg Maker explains the philosophical divide between New and Old World wines.

Besides typical issues with scoring, W. Blake Gray discusses his sometime problems with penning tasting notes.

Navigating a restaurant’s wine list can be difficult enough. Sending back a bottle of wine when needed shouldn’t intimidate anyone.

With typical clarity and panache, Adam Montefiore explores the recent rise of Mediterranean blends in Israel.

Aging like fine vine. Tom Barras explores the magic of old-vines. Some recent Israeli [great] examples.

The well-written & recommended Kitchen Rap pens a lengthily, informative and delightful article on Champagne. Bud Selig isn’t happy.

A fascinating article in the NY Times Magazine on Jon Rimmerman‘s Garagiste could have used some fact-checking, at least according to Alice Feiring.

While a de-oaking of wines has been trending for a while, @DrVino discusses its exacerbation by the economic slowdown.

A great little article in the NY Times, profiles Jeff Morgan and his path back to Judaism via his incredible Covenant wines.

Week of October 8th – October 14th

Man steals nearly $3,000,000 of wine (replacing it with oodles of Two-Buck Chuck). Talk about the Fox and the hen house!

Grape’s family tree by Wine Folly.

As New Year approaches, Steve Heimoff encourages folks to drink sparkling wine all year round. I couldn’t agree more!

Week of October 1st – October 7th

Eric Asimov pens a great piece on Randall Graham‘s listing of wine’s every ingredient on its label and the public’s lack of caring. Over at Inside Scoop, Jon Bonné weighs in. Jancis Robinson had her say as well.

Peering into his crystal ball, Steve Heimoff explores the future of wine retail.

Throwing his hat in the wine scoring ring, Rick Bakas discusses some of the [many] problems with wine scores.

Over at Wine Spectator, Matt Kramer explains how smart wine people became boneheads.

Wine Folly provides a simplistic way of deciphering your personal wine tastes.

One of Israel’s loveliest wine routes – the Judean Hills, gets some attention from Adam Montefiore.

Napa Valley’s underappreciated Hagafen Winery gets its due from Adam Montefiore in the Jerusalem Post and the Daily Republic.