Best of Twitter – Archives #10 (February 2013)

February 25th – March 3rd

How much of wine and food pairing is manipulation? More than you think…

in the spirit of “fake it till you make it“, the Bluffer’s Guide to Wine.

Wine Folly profiles the delightful Italian Sangiovese.

Letting the world know what every Yossie’s Wine Recommendations reader already did, Eric Asimov praises the Spanish wine of Montsant, including our favorite Capcanes.

Ted Lemon spoke brilliantly about terroir’s role in New World winemaking. Very thought-provoking.

With all the talk about the future of wine writing and criticism, Jon Bonne has some thoughts.

David White has a nice piece on identifying flaws in wine. Off-balance wines should count.

February 18th – February 24th

In celebration of Purim, some satirical recommendations for Kiddush and Dessert wines.

Tim Fish shares some of his wine-related pet peeves.

Wine Spectator takes a closer look at what complexity means in a wine.

Jo Diaz has some good advice for nervous winemakers submitting thier wines to critics.

With typical tenacity, Chris Kassel tackles celebrity wines. Alice Feiring chimes in as well.

February 4th – February 17th

With wine consumption on the rise, Lettie makes the case for Port. Only two “real” kosher Ports, but plenty of quality kosher Port-style wines.

IntoWine releases its second list of the Top 100 Folks in Wine. Tom Wark has a few thoughts.

Taking up the flag, Will Lyons pushes quality dessert wines. With an abundant of kosher options, there is no reason to shy away from these great treats!

Has Champagne gone to the dogs? Kyle Meyer certainly thinks so.

In her usual great style, Wine Folly provides fresh advice on navigating the thousand year old tradition of clinking glasses.

@drvino (aka Tyler Coleman) sits down with the incomparable Howard Goldberg to discuss his new book: “The Book of Wine“.

January 28th – February 3rd

While “Mountain Man” may not be the best moniker for Binyamin, it’s a nice profile of the man behind Four Gates Winery. Check out some recent tasting notes here.

Steve Heimoff explores the “proper” relationship between wineries & bloggers. One word suffices – Professional

cost of wine affects our perception of quality, further cementing the value of blind tasting.

As US wine consumption rises (often at the expense of beer & spirits), Andrew Jefford takes the various number crunchers to task.

Tasting wine doesn’t have to be intimidating. Try these helpful hints, a few more or check out this article on “How to Taste Wine“.