Best of Twitter – Archives #11 (March 2013)

March 18th – March 31st

Not that they are needed, but it’s always great to have more excuses to drink Champagne!

As might have been expected, the lawyers are profiting most from the recent “reorganization” at the Wine Advocate…

As Natural Wine demonstrates its staying power, the irreverent HoseMaster gives his take on the phenomenon.

Ordering wine in restaurants can be stressful but Wine Folly’s guide will have you ordering like a pro in no time. I offer a few more tips, including kosher-restaurant specific.

Need help keeping your Rehoboam from your Melchior? This handy bottle size guide should help.

Taking herself a little too seriously, Lettie Teague makes the case for the importance of order in serving wines.

March 11th – March 17th

Eric Asimov recommends some kosher wines for Pesach. Unfortunately he can’t resist the concord reference and only recommends Royal wines (other than a mediocre Riesling). So much for showcasing the awesome diversity of kosher wines

Forget Terroir. Chris Kassel talks dirt.

Keith Levenberg on Bordeaux reclaiming its rightful place in the vinoverse.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on the difficulty of using wine tasting notes in China, where many of the descriptors aren’t known.

While they won’t be mainstream, the Wine Enthusiast believes Orange Wines are going to stick around.

Tom Wark discusses the Difference Between Wine Writers, Bloggers and Critics. Joe Power has some tips for aspiring wine bloggers

Wine Folly has some great tips on how to order wine like a Sommelier.

March 4th – March 10th

With the recent serious discussion around the future of traditional wine writing, the HoseMaster finally steps in.

Andrew Jefford explores whether men and woman have different, gender-driven, styles.

With a sell out performance besting Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Brangelina’s Rose sell’s out in record time.

Despite the declarations of it being a fad whose time has past, a guide to “Orange Wine”.

While I usually don’t conduct blind tastings, they certainly have thier merits.

Wine writers and critics need to adapt to changing times, even though the “top dogs” still work for major print publications.

Further devaluing the 100point system, Parker gives out 100 point scores like candy.

Lettie does a pretty good job tackling those ornery wine scores / grades.